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Increase Your Home Value With Hardwood Flooring

The type of flooring in your home or building can significantly affect your interior. It contributes to the lighting, tone, space, and atmosphere of your place. The furniture you add in your interior is also chosen based on what complements the type of flooring you have.

Some people use carpet as temporary cover to their floor while others use tiles. Tiles remain as the most popular option because it is practical and economical. You can easily choose from diverse patterns, shapes, colors, and materials. When it comes to value and aesthetic, nothing beats the hardwood. Here’s why:

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Adds Value To Your Home

Hardwood floors add monetary value to your property.  Homes with hardwood floorings sold faster and at higher rates that home without a wood floor, according to the National Wood Flooring Association. Hardwood floors are universally attractive so. Your home doesn’t go out style. So even if it’s more costly than other floors like tile, you are still putting your money to a better deal.

Loads Of Options To Choose From

With hardwood flooring, you can have unlimited options in terms of woods, stains, thickness levels, and patterns. Some people also mix and match, and it’s certainly okay!

Among the most common hardwood floors are made of reclaimed pine, reclaimed random width oak barn wood and herringbone. It’s also exciting to choose among various options for stain colors and the type of wood flooring finish systems you may want to apply to your home.

It’s Stylish And Versatile

You can’t go wrong with hardwood flooring. It goes in any room. Each type of hardwood has its unmatched beauty. It can go with any themes —traditional, modern, minimalist, chic, or anything you have in mind.

It has a timeless style. It’s versatile. Hardwood floors will make it so easy for you to change the look of a room by just removing or adding some furniture. It is so easy to decorate it and match it with any style.

Easy To Maintain

More than just for aesthetic, hardwood is economical too. With proper maintenance, it can stand the test of time. Perhaps, you have seen century old wooden houses with intact floorings. It’s just proof of how long a hardwood could last.

Wood floor needs little sweeping or vacuuming. Wood flooring must just be kept clean from dust, debris, and spill. An occasional cleaning from a professional wood floor cleaner is also a wise investment to make.

Where To Get The Best Hardwood Flooring?

Specialty Flooring is a trusted name in Hilton Head, Beaufort, Bluffton, and Savannah. Started in 2008, with only just one van servicing its client, Specialty Flooring has grown swiftly and now has showrooms in Ridgeland SC.

Just this year, Specialty Flooring opened their second showroom at 76 Hazzard Creek Road, Ridgeland, SC. The 15,000 square foot room is among the largest in SC. It serves as a one-stop-shop for all things wood flooring.

Specialty Flooring does hardwood floor installations. They’ve been installing all types of wood floors for over 15 years now. Wood floor refinishing is also their specialty. They also provide staining, dustless floor sanding and clean and recoats services.

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