Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for installing on top of different subfloor materials. But is LVP flooring a good choice for concrete subfloor installation?

This is a common question, and the answer is a resounding yes. There are many ways to achieve this installation, and it's worthwhile to learn more about it.

What type of installation is best?

When working with a concrete subfloor, any time of installation will work. Glue down, floating floors, and more are reasonable choices for all these processes and more.

Underlayment is an excellent addition to luxury vinyl plank and tile. It adds comfort, softness, and a warmer touch, even on chilly days.

Preparing the concrete for LVP flooring

Like any flooring installation, the subfloor must go through a preparation phase. Here are some important ways we prepare concrete subfloors:

  • We repairholes, pits, cracks, and uneven spaces

  • We grinddown imperfections for the flattest and smoothest working surface.

  • Floors arethen washed well to remove dirt, debris, grease, or other foreignsubstances.

Once all the preparations are over, the actual installation process begins. Once you choose your materials, we'll tell you everything you can expect from the process.

If you have questions about installing luxury vinyl flooring, this is a great time to ask. Our associates will be happy to give you the answers you need.

We have the luxury vinyl flooring you need

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