Adding area rugs to a space can certainly inject much-needed style, no doubt. However, the truth is, there are indeed a great many other reasons why you might want to use area rugs to decorate your home. From enhancing a boring room to tying a space together visually to simply wanting to create some warmth, area rugs are an excellent anchoring element that can add to your home’s style and décor. Let’s check out a few suggestions to get you decorating your place with confidence!

Add a central piece

Area rugs generate a huge, noticeable impact visually when you add a vivid, bold, or unique creation as a central piece. Use one as a focal point in a space. By painting the walls in the room in an accent tone, you create contrast and offer the perfect background for showcasing.

Hang it as a masterpiece

If you have a true masterpiece, put it on display as a wall hanging. In doing so, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind focal point that draws the eye from every angle.

Define different areas

Separate or define areas, like foyers, dining sections or living spaces with carpets. Defining an area is particularly helpful in open space concept homes or studio apartments.

Subdue or enliven

Use carpeting to subdue or enliven a room visually. Opt for an area rug that is subtler if a room has loud, bold wallpaper or ornate décor. Conversely, you can choose a carpet with fun colors or an interesting pattern when you want to liven things up.

Modernize a room

A great way to add new trending colors to a room or update the style is to change the carpet. Also, adding new curtains, pillows, and accessories help blend things well.

Create variety

Use area rugs in a room to create variety. Create two distinctive spaces in the same room by adding two carpets. However, keep in mind that doing so can cut a room in half visually if the rugs are the same size. For a more fun, natural sense of variety, try using carpets that are different sizes.

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