Scatter rugs might be small in stature, but they’re big in style. They highlight, accent, define and pull all the components of an area together.

The rugs draw out colors, especially when it comes to hardwood floors and their undertones, or when they’re used to layer over wall-to-wall carpeting and also define and separate. What with today’s open layouts, or even studio apartments when one wants to design a separate sleeping area, it’s becoming more and more important to create boundaries.

It’s not just about style and color, however, because they can improve a space.

Not just pretty and glamorous
They can:
●Reduce noise. Sometimes people are disturbed by a room with all hard surfaces. There can be "hollow" sounds or even the tap-tap-tapping of footsteps. This happens when there's no fabric to "catch" the noise. The vibrations just bounce off the walls. The solution is easy; just place a few scatter rugs around the area.
●Keep the house cleaner. When you place a rug near an entrance, people have a place to wipe their feet, so less dirt, soil, and moisture gets tracked in.
●Keep the floor dry. Place rugs in front of sinks to catch splashes. I know someone who also uses a small one as an eating mat for her cat who is fascinated by water and, therefore, constantly pushes the water dish. Set one in front of an appliance, like the dishwasher or washing machine which are both known as culprits for flooding.
●Make it easier on your back and legs. If you stand for long periods in the kitchen, hard surfaces can be pretty rough on the body. Area rugs will cushion the blow and make it easier to stand.
●Make you feel warmer. Some floors are just cold. A rug, especially if it has a pad underneath, will warm you up right away.

They make you feel snug
Especially when you have an open layout with one big space you can feel a little, well, “out there.” Since they can be used to define spaces and they’ll automatically make you feel more grounded and cozy.
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