Yes, and these days stylish area rugs are available in all colors, patterns, and designs, including Persian, rustic, farmhouse, geometrics, stripes, and more.

Ask your area rug retailer to show you all the exciting possibilities.

Although the terms “Oriental” and “Persian” are often used interchangeably to describe one type of rug, they aren’t at all the same.  The most significant difference is the area in which they’re made.  Oriental rugs are made in the Morocco/North Africa area, while Persian ones come from Iran. The knots are also different. Persian knots are asymmetrical, while the Oriental knot is symmetrical.

How do I use area rugs to create a focal point?

 Area rugs, today, are an important design tool, not just a place to wipe the feet.

To create a focal point, you can either select a rug that has one of the colors from your wall, backsplash (in living rooms they're often called "accent walls"), fireplace surround, or border. It will not only accent and highlight those colors, but will also create a unified look for the carpet where the eye will automatically be drawn.

They can be used to define spaces; with today's open layouts it's not unusual to find a living and dining area in one big room.  You can also section off space to a special use area; for example, a section of the living room to become the "home library" with a place to read, or even a home office.

Stylish area rugs can add color or tone down a room by placing a colorful one over a neutral floor or vice versa.

What’s the best way to engage in area rug care?

Stay away from do-it-yourself cleaning. Dyes can bleed and damage the floor underneath.  Some cleaners have chemicals that may be too abrasive. You should have it professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. The experts know exactly what to use.

Vacuum often on both sides and rotate frequently so it wears evenly. Yes, even area rugs need padding to protect the surface and to keep you from slipping and sliding.

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