We are often asked which cleaning choices are best for engineered hardwood flooring. In addition, some homeowners want to know if steam cleaning is a reasonable cleaning method for these long-lasting materials.

The quick answer is no, and you should never use a steam cleaner on this flooring type. But here is more information that explains why and what to do instead.

Why not steam-clean engineered wood flooring?

A steam cleaner uses a combination of heat and pressure to clean certain flooring materials. But using them on engineered flooring could yield detrimental results, even in only small spaces.

The pressure drives the moisture deep into the heart of engineered wood floors and the layers that make it what it is. The layers then separate and become so damaged they’ll need to be replaced.

What do you do instead?

To properly clean these floors, lean toward the manufacturer's advice based on your specific wood, sealant, and stain type. Sometimes, a damp mop is plenty, and others use specialized cleaners when necessary.

A few area rugs can go a long way in keeping these floors clean and stain-free, which can keep you from cleaning the materials. For more information on cleaning and servicing engineered wood flooring, visit us whenever you're in the area.

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