When homeowners choose area rugs for their homes, they often ask whether it's possible to wash them in the machine. This question is easier to answer if you already know the type of rug you want or need because there are many factors to consider.

If washability is a requirement for your new area rugs, we can help you find the perfect options. But first, you'll need to know some facts to find the ideal products.

What makes a rug machine washable?

For area rugs to be machine washable, they must have materials and features that the water or the washing process won't damage. For instance, hand washing is always better if it has a rubber backing or is too large for the machine.

Rugs made of 100% cotton, polyester, or nylon are all machine washable. But natural materials such as jute and sisal are better kept out of the washing machine for the best results.

Washing is one thing, but drying is another

Even if you machine wash your area rugs in Ridgeland, SC, avoid drying them in the dryer, as most could experience unwanted results. Instead, place them outdoors or in a designated area, where they can be hung to dry slowly to help retain their original shape and features.

We'll help you find the perfect area rugs

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