Our rugs for sale are beautiful, practical, and highly sought-after by many homeowners to complement décor and provide protection in areas of heavy traffic. Often, these rugs wind up atop hardwood flooring, so here are some facts about whether area rugs can damage hardwood and how to avoid the possibility.

Avoiding damage for the best results

Besides adding beautiful décor matching options, the idea behind runners and rugs is to protect your floors from high traffic levels and scratches from loose debris. But are all area rugs and their backing materials safe for hardwood flooring?

Unfortunately, not all area rugs in Ridgeland, SC, offer the same material compositions, and some options may do more harm than good for hardwood. For instance, latex backing materials can trap moisture, creating a residue that makes rugs slippery.

You'll also want to choose only materials that are non-straining so moisture, wet footprints, and humidity don't cause issues. If products aren’t marked as non-staining, the dyes could become runny when wet, ruining your hardwood.

Rug pads are another product that homeowners use to protect their floors, including hardwood surfaces. Avoid area rugs with plastic options that could trap dirt and cause scratching, opt for natural rubber or felt instead.

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