Area rugs are still a popular floor covering option for extensive reasons, offering visual appeal and protection in the same piece. But if you have hardwood flooring, it can take time to find products compatible with your flooring and won't scratch the wood surface.

Be careful choosing your rugs

Once you have new hardwood in your home, you start to look at everything differently. And if something has the potential to scratch your new floors, we know you’ll have questions.

You may have heard that area rugs have the potential to damage your hardwood, but only with certain rugs for sale. For instance, use high-quality pads and rugs to guard against scratches, stains, and discolorations, which can happen when color transfers through the product.

Not every rug needs a separate pad, as some pads are attached, offering protection against slippage, heavy traffic, crushing, and deterioration. If there’s no pad attached, be sure to speak with an associate about options that could make your rug thicker, create a smoother vacuuming experience, and extend the lifespan of your flooring.

We’ll also give you pointers on which rugs and pads pair well with one another. It’s worth your time to consider area rugs in Ridgeland, SC, and all the options that protect your rugs longer.

Find the area rugs you need today

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