There are many characteristics found in carpeting that can change the look and feel of your flooring. That means there are plenty of personalization options, depending on what it is you want for each space to be floored. Today, we’re going to look at some specific textures, so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when you shop.

Carpet flooring
is constructed by looping yarn in and out of its backing material. This creates what is known as a “pile.” Specific considerations concerning that pile then make up the texture of the flooring. You’ll find that different fibers, lengths, and other variations create the look and feel you want and need in flooring.

What makes carpet textures different?

Choosing the plush texture for your carpet means you’ll get silky softness that is very smooth, thanks to a tight, dense weave. Fibers can be both natural or synthetic, are shorter, and offer great underfoot comfort. Simple and elegant, it’s a perfect addition to any room, especially if you’re looking for beautiful colors that are easy to maintain.

Saxony carpet offers a cut loop that is longer, densely packed, and twisted so that the fibers stand up straight. The deep, soft feel of this floor covering makes it perfect for more formal settings that are not as highly traveled. You’ll find that they often reveal footprints and vacuum traffic with ease.

With cut-pile carpet, you’ll find that the yarn as been looped through the backing material as it usually would be but is then cut on the visible side. This makes the material tufted and fuzzy, in direct opposition with the smooth and sleek feel and look of loop carpet. When researching this variation of flooring, you might also hear it referred to as “textured.”

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