Carpet is soft under your feet and comfortable for kids who are lounging with a book or playing with toys. It’s easy to create a unique space with carpet since there are so many styles and colors. Specialty Flooring is a carpet flooring retailer in Ridgeland, South Carolina, that offers many brands of carpet as well as other types of floor coverings. In addition to flooring installation, we remodel kitchens and bathrooms, repair and clean floors, and much more.


Carpet flooring is most commonly made from nylon, a durable, colorfast, and stain-resistant synthetic material. Olefin isn’t as soft as nylon but it’s also resistant to wear and stains as well as moisture and mildew. Polyester, appropriate for low traffic areas, is less costly than nylon. Wool is the best carpet fiber and naturally soil-resistant. Mohawk's SmartStrand is made with triexta, a soft fiber that does not absorb moisture. SmartStrand, first available in 2009, has unique qualities. This carpet brand features:

  • broadloom carpet that is woven on a wide loom.
  • Forever Clean nanotechnology that assures stain-free carpets.
  • corn glucose in place of some of the typical petroleum ingredients.

Cut Pile

A carpet's pile is determined by the thickness and length of the fibers in the carpet. Berber carpet is made by bending the carpet fibers in a loop and attaching them to the backing. The tips of fibers can be cut so there are no loops. There are several types of cut pile. The most popular is Saxony. Fibers are taller than plush, which has straight fibers, an even finish, a velvety feel, and a formal look.

Frieze is made with extra fiber twists to create a rough and informal texture. Shag has longer fibers than frieze. Textured carpet floors have unevenly cut low-density fibers that give it a casual look. When you are comparing products, you may see the TPI, or turn per inch, on a label. The fibers are twisted around each other 3 times if the TPI is 3.0. If you have a carpet with a 6.0 TPI, you’ve got the most durable carpet.

Specialty Flooring is a carpet flooring store that offers free in-home measurement. You can depend on us for carpet disposal, custom area rugs, carpet re-stretch, and area rug binding. Fill out our online form to request an estimate. Fast and easy financing is available with a Mohawk credit card. You can apply for the card online or visit our showroom in Ridgeland. If approved, you’ll get your new card in 7 to 10 days.