With the range of area rug styles available, you can accomplish any goal. Maybe you want to add color to a room or provide a comfortable spot for the kids to play. You're sure to find a rug that matches your needs as well as your decor. Specialty Flooring is a stylish area rug retailer in Ridgeland, South Carolina, that offers a selection of area rugs in various materials, patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors. Also, we offer other floor coverings like carpet, laminate, hardwood, and vinyl. We provide design consultation as well as shop at home service and an online catalog.

Rug materials

Stylish area rugs are available in many materials, which vary in durability and softness. Wool is a high-quality natural fiber that resists dust, stains, and flames. Silk is ideal for low-traffic areas. Bamboo slat and seagrass are eco-friendly and water- and stain-resistant. Hemp is resistant to water, dirt, and allergens. Be sure to check cleaning instructions when comparing rugs. Generally, medium- to high-pile carpet should be shampooed at least once a year while a periodic shake outside will keep low-pile rugs clean. Jute and sisal require careful cleaning but cotton is a no-fuss throw-it-in-the-washer material.

Choose the right rug

Keeping durability and ease of cleaning in mind, you’ll want to consider the following questions when choosing a rug material for a particular room:

  • Is the room a high-traffic area?
  • Will the rug be used under furniture?
  • How often are children and pets in the room?

In addition to getting the right material, you need to choose the correct size. An area rug should fit under all of the main pieces of furniture in the room or at least the front legs. If you choose a rug with a bold design, be sure that you don’t cover it up. For large rooms, use a different rug for each conversation area.

Locally owned Specialty Flooring is a stylish area rug store that serves the Ridgeland, South Carolina, area. We offer many services, including carpet re-stretch, area rug binding, floor cleaning, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, custom showers and tub surrounds free in-home measurement, flooring and subfloor repairs, and furniture removal. Financing with a Mohawk credit card is easy and convenient.