Yes. Besides being so stylish, area rugs can also be functional, such as when you place them in hallways, in front of sinks, or inside doors so people can wipe their feet.

They serve an important purpose; just as the rug protects the floor, the padding protects the floor covering. It will help extend the life it by protecting the fibers from dirt, wear, scratchy debris and moisture.

It’ll protect you as well by keeping it in place, so you don’t slide and trip.

A stylish assortment

When you come into our flooring store, you’ll see all kinds of area rugs, from the shag (which now comes in many colors, so forget about those iconic gold, green and brown hues) to more classic and traditional loop constructions.

Come in to see our local assortment of area rugs.

The best for heavy traffic is also the most stylish

As a flooring retailer, we often hear the question, “which area rugs are the best for high traffic areas? The answer is also one of the most gorgeous: the white, all-natural wool. Don’t let the all-white color scare you, because it has natural oils that repel dirt and water and make it inherently durable.

Sometimes your area rugs will shed for about six months when new. That is normal and we promise your floor covering will be just as stylish as the day you bought it. Just use a soft brush to “groom” it periodically and trim any clumps to keep it from pilling. Vacuuming also helps but remove the beater bars (rotating brushes) first.

What can you do with them?

●Layer. So, what if you already have a carpet? They’re stylish and add pops of color, so place one over the existing one. A little bonus is that it will catch a lot of the dirt so cleaning will be easy; just pick it up and shake.
●Divide. A lot of today’s layouts are open plan, so a different (but be sure it coordinates with the others) one in each space will create and separate in a big room.

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