As you can imagine, our Specialty Flooring showroom experts in Ridgeland, SC get a wide range of questions concerning the different types of installations we offer daily. And while all floors should be professionally installed, homeowners often want to know about what extra materials are needed for a full installation. When it comes to luxury vinyl planks (LVP) flooring – one of our most popular options – it’s essential to consider the need for underlayment, which most floor installations require.

Do I always need an underlayment for LVP?

However, unlike many alternatives, LVP floors typically do not need an underlayment. Having said this, there are certainly cases where you may need it for the installation. While LVP is designed to be easy to lay down directly on a subfloor, it all depends on the state of the current floors.  

Subfloor requirements and considerations

Before installing luxury vinyl planks, assess your subfloors as they will need to meet these basic requirements:

  • Clean & dust-free
  • Free of damage
  • In good condition
  • Smooth
Different floors have different requirements

Existing Floors – Use an underlayment for sound reduction and cushioning when installing LVP over an existing subfloor. If your existing floors are tile, they’ll need to be professionally filled in to ensure a uniform surface.

Wood Subfloors – Although you may not have cause for concern with regards to having a moisture barrier with wood subfloors, you may want to add underlayment for sound reduction and extra cushioning.

Concrete Subfloors –
In terms of adding LVP over concrete, there are a few reasons why using an underlayment is a good idea. Firstly, it can keep the house warmer by providing thermal properties. Secondly, the extra vapor barrier can reduce the risk of moisture build-up. And lastly, an underlayment will make the floors softer to walk on, providing much appreciated cushioning. 

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