Many of today’s area rugs, even some found in the big box stores, have a rubber backing, but this isn’t the case with all the products in this line. In addition, some floor coverings should never have a rubber-backed rug placed on them, and we're going to tell you more about these options in today’s post.

What backing is best for area rugs?

Rubberized rugs were created to prevent slippage, especially on top of hard surface flooring, but some materials are damaged by the chemical found in the rubber backing. Hardwood, for example, should never be combined with rubber-backed products to protect against the damaged rubber can cause.

Different backing materials are available and often recommended, especially with larger sized 5 x 7 rugs and larger. However, many homeowners prefer natural backings, with several options available, depending on your specific need.

No matter which backing you choose, the good news is that area rugs still offer the beautiful visual appeal and protective nature that probably brought you to the product line in the first place. We can tell you everything you need to know about these products when you visit us today.

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