When you choose engineered hardwood flooring for your remodel, you'll have plenty of options. These floors offer excellent durability, beautiful visuals, and an outstanding lifespan wherever they're installed.

One of the facts you'll learn is that underlayment is only sometimes required when we install these floors. Here are some important considerations concerning this topic.

What is an underlayment?

Underlayment is a product we install between your subfloor and the new floor covering. The underlay comes in a variety of materials, each one with different benefits and characteristics.

Benefits of underlayment

You’ll get lots of benefits from adding an underlayment beneath engineered wood flooring that will serve you well over time. You'll enjoy moisture resistance, comfort, noise reduction, and added warmth in the colder months.

The proper underlayment also helps to hide or mask imperfections in your subfloor, like dips nail heads. An even surface can eliminate creaking and squeaking for a more peaceful solution to every room.

Underlayment facts

Some materials come with an attached underlayment, so the installation process moves faster and saves more money. But some underlayments are purchased separately for particular characteristics.

When you choose your engineered wood floors, we’ll discuss all the possibilities and how each one will best serve your household. If you have questions about the products, feel free to share them with us for the answers you need.

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