Hardwood flooring offers both solid and engineered products, and there are products in both categories that must be acclimated before they can be installed in your home. It is necessary to check the requirements from the manufacturer prior to any installation, and you can be sure this is done when choosing professionals like Specialty Flooring. To answer some of our most-asked questions, we will briefly discuss acclimation and engineered flooring, so follow along for the information you need.

Engineered hardwood is much like solid wood

Engineered hardwood differs from solid wood in that it has only a veneer of natural wood atop plywood layers instead of through-body wood makeup. However, these materials must be acclimated, just like solid wood, before installation.

The acclimation process brings your new flooring to the same relative humidity level of the surrounding environment, which results in more stable flooring that is not prone to warping, cracking, buckling, or splitting. In addition, it will give you a longer lifespan when adequately handled. It's a small price to pay for flooring that can offer a lifespan of more than 20 years with proper care and maintenance.

You can expect many additional benefits in engineered flooring, including durability, lifespan, and stunning visuals when properly installed. In addition, the flooring offers an excellent level of customization, with specific options for species type, stain color, and finish, so stop by today to get started.

Let us help with your hardwood flooring

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