When you take a closer look at area rugs, you'll find impressive potential for every room. They could be the best finishing touch with beautiful visuals and excellent durability.

But what about texture? Does it matter?

Here are some facts about area rug texture. They could help you make an excellent choice for your home.

What textures are available in area rugs?

You'll find the same textures in area rugs that you'll find in carpet offerings. And each one creates a rug that's useful with those attributes.

You might choose more than one texture for rugs in different rooms. Consider these options and their perfect placement.

  • Frieze – area rugs with a cut pile texture are perfect for high-traffic areas, but they’re beautiful too. They're perfect for children's rooms, with excellent variety.
  • Shag - with long, cut piles, these textures add interest and comfort. Use these in spaces with less traffic.
  • Saxony - the texture you'll find here features long fibers, but they're densely packed to stand straight up. Again, this is another option for low-traffic areas.
  • Berber - for high-traffic areas with beautiful appearances, Berber is a great choice. The colors and designs hide dirt well and are easy to clean.

You're likely to find rugs for sale with your favorite texture as you shop for your rugs. And we'll work right along beside you from start to finish.

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