You've probably heard that engineered wood flooring is better for some areas. This is because they stand up better to dampness, humidity, and other forms of moisture better than solid wood.

But the more you know about the details surrounding this fact, the better. It could mean the difference between a failed flooring and success.

Engineered floors do perform better

These products are better for placement in areas where solid wood isn't an option. But there are specific requirements even at that.

The layered construction features plywood on the bottom and natural wood on top. Engineered wood floors have a reputation for excellent performance because of this.

Consider all the most important factors

It's important to acclimate engineered hardwood flooring the same as you do for solid wood. And once they're in place, monitoring the humidity levels is crucial. 

When relative humidity gets too high, it can cause problems with your new flooring. Your home might even demand a humidifying system if levels get higher than they should.

Installing engineered wood over concrete

Find out more about relative humidity if you're installing engineered wood flooring over concrete. This presents its problems, but nothing that careful planning won't take care of.

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