Area rugs add color and texture, so dress up a hardwood floor or bland room with these little gems. For instance, my own kitchen was mainly white, and it didn’t seem minimalist but cold and bland. I added a couple of colorful throw rugs and it immediately warmed the space up.
You can also do this with carpet. “Stack” the area rugs to create a mini remodeling or spruce up, and then change them when it’s time for a different look.
They’ll also help you create a room area, especially when it’s one of those open plans that combine both living and dining spaces. Just place different rugs under the sofa and dining table.
At Specialty Flooring, our staff hears a lot. Here are some reasons to love them:
They are:
●Noise insulators. Hardwood is gorgeous but let’s face it: Especially when it’s in a high-traffic room like the dining room, all that chair dragging can get pretty disruptive. Easy solution: Put a throw rug under the table. Don’t worry if food gets dropped, because you can just pick it up and clean it.
●Comfortable. Ever stand on a hard surface for a long period of time, such as when you’re in the kitchen preparing meals or standing in front of the sink? Ouch! That’s pretty hard on the feet and spine isn’t it? A scatter rug can provide cushioning, and if it gets wet, who cares, because you just pick it up to place somewhere to dry.
●Balancing. Many don’t realize it, but an area rug can actually make you feel grounded, and that’s because it adds balance and coziness. If a sofa or table sits on the rug, the furniture seems anchored, but without a rug it just sort of “floats.”
●Calming. Everything is energy, and that includes a room. A rug slows the energy flow, but a bare hard surface just seems to increase it. You’ll start to feel a little unbalanced, anxious and stressed, and you probably won’t know why. It makes the area feel more like a “safe haven.”
●Good for health. When you sweep a hard surface, the particles fly around in the air, but when it’s any carpet, they just get trapped in the fibers until it is cleaned.
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