If you’re considering engineered hardwood flooring for your home, you likely already know some of the great features in the product line. These materials offer something for everyone, with lifespans that help save money over time.

Enjoy benefits that include stunning visuals and outstanding durability in every room of your home. Here are four benefits to get you started.

1. Stunning visuals –
Your guests may never know they're not walking on natural solid hardwood flooring, thanks to a natural wood veneer on top of this product. You can choose a gorgeous, engineered wood flooring species, stain color, and texture to complement any décor scheme.

2. Impressive durability –
One of the reasons so many homeowners choose engineered hardwood flooring is that it stands up better against humidity and dampness. As a result, you're less likely to experience buckling, warping, or cracking with these floors in place than with solid materials.

3. Ease of installation –
With engineered flooring, you can choose a floating floor installation, which creates a fast and easy installation service. Other methods are available, and we'll help you choose the best engineered wood floors based on your needs and your home’s subflooring material.

4. Easy to care for –
You won’t have to worry about excessive cleaning or maintenance requirements with engineered wood floors. In most situations, a broom and damp mop can keep your floors looking showroom new and bring lifespans that could surpass 30 years.

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