LVP, or luxury vinyl plank, proves that vinyl floors just aren’t the ones remembered from decades ago.
First introduced in the 1940s as an economical alternative, modern technology has made it evolve into one with an incredibly realistic resemblance to hardwood flooring (or tile, or stone). To make it look even more authentic, you can get textures to give it a wire-brushed, distressed or antiqued finished look.
LVP is a layered product. It has an underlayment, a core (usually fiberboard, but it depends upon the manufacturer), a photographic image and is capped off with a very tough clear plastic wear layer that makes it virtually impossible to “walk-off” the image.
It can be cut into plank or tile form, and is a totally waterproof flooring!
It doesn’t always mean... “Expensive”
We know what you’re thinking: If it says luxury it must be pricey, but this is not so at all. It just looks expensive, because it’s such a good mimic of the real thing. In actuality, however, this vinyl is still a fraction of the cost of wood floors.
Please note, however, that you get what you pay for, so don’t be fooled by those ultra-cheap, bargain-basement prices. If it’s too cheap, something is sure to suffer, with a plank either being too thin, or having less than satisfactory photography.
Three other ways LVP will alter your mindset
●Style. Thanks to high definition photography, it is available in a number of species, colors and patterns, with textures available to give it even more depth.
Even though we’re focusing here on plank, know that luxury vinyl is also available in tile or stone looks, with a large assortment of patterns, designs and colors.
●Long-lasting. Some of the thicker, better quality versions of LVP come with warranties for up to 25 years. If you get a thinner one, it’ll probably last up to 10 years.
●Durability. That top layer not only keeps it completely waterproof, but also protects it from scratches and stains. In fact, it’s so tough, LVP is often recommended for kids and playrooms.
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