Choosing a carpet for your home is an exciting time, especially if this is your first experience with the material. It’s the only soft surface floor covering on the market and comes with a unique set of benefits that can be perfect for many homes and homeowners. The underfoot softness is exceptional for young and old alike, it has durability never before seen in this product, and with proper installation, has an excellent lifespan as well.

Carpet provides the softest underfoot feel available in flooring and it does more than offer unsurpassable comfort. It’s a great choice for children’s rooms, creating a safe and protective space for floor time play, but it works just as well in a home where the elderly live. You’ll find it provides excellent surface stability that helps with walking and walking aides, helping to prevent falls and the serious injuries that can accompany them.

The same softness that does all this also helps to maintain a warm and comfortable climate control in your home. You may even find energy bills are smaller, while you’re cozier than you’ve ever been before. Carpet provides excellent noise reduction too, leaving you with a much more peaceful home, even with pets and children. When placed in upstairs spaces, it truly makes a difference and you may never go back to hard surface flooring after experiencing this.

While carpet is surely the answer to many of your flooring needs, we strongly advise only the professional installation of the material. It will assure the best fit, the longest lifespan, and the most beautiful results overall.

For all your carpet needs, feel free to visit Specialty Flooring at our showroom in Ridgeland, SC. There, our associates will be more than happy to help you select a material that works perfectly for your own needs and preferences while also fitting right in with your current decor. Since customer satisfaction is first on our list of priorities, you’ll see why people turn to us again and again for all their flooring needs. We look forward to seeing you.