Regardless of what type of floors you have at home, be it luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or hardwood, it’s essential of course to keep them clean. But when you have a precious pet as your companion, this can certainly end up being easier said than done. Dogs can track in debris, and if you have an outdoor cat, they can track in a mess as well. Additionally, you also have dander and pet hair to consider. Instead of getting stressed, just check out the following quick tips to keep your floors clean and looking great. 

  • Keep your home in tip-top shape with a routine clean-up schedule. Sweep daily to pick up dust and dirt and vacuum several times a week to eliminate pet hair. 
  • Depending on your floors, make sure to mop weekly. You’ll need to increase mopping if you find things are looking drab by waiting this long. 
  • Clean urine accidents as soon as possible. Use an odor neutralizer to prevent your pet from making it a habit.
  • Use a mat under water and food bowls to avoid messes on your floors and avoid water damage. 
  • Consider refinishing your floors every few years if you have surfacing that can be redone.

Your house can stay in great shape – even with pets! – if you stick to a regular maintenance routine.

Minimize pet mishaps with this advice

Hey, accidents can happen, even to humans! Yes, sometimes your precious Siamese won’t make it to the litterbox in time, or your adorable Pomeranian will have an upset stomach – all over your LVP floor. But with our tried-and-true advice, you’ll be able to significantly minimize mishaps.

Train your puppy – Patience is the key to puppy house training. However, if things aren’t going so well, then call a professional trainer in for help.

Visit the vet – If your pet is older and having regular accidents on your LVP, then it’s time to visit the vert to assess if there’s a health problem. 

Assess stress – Stress is typically the main issue with pet accidents. Figure out if your cat or dog is feeling stressed about something, and if you can, try to find solutions to solve the issue. 

Check out the kitty potty – Cats can be quite particular about their potty. If it’s too dirty, then they’ll choose to go to the bathroom on your LVP floor instead. Clean the litter box more often to see if this solves the problem. 

Don’t create a repeat customer – Use an enzyme cleaner to eliminate scent traces, so your pet doesn’t return to the scene of the crime – and pee there again!

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