Don't you just love the look and feel of brand new carpet? It's the softest, most comfortable floor covering available, and it adds so much to your interior decor as well. Available in a vast selection of solid colors, patterns, and designs, it will blend in perfectly with everything you already have in place, and you won't have to look that hard to find it. Even the fibers can offer specific characteristics that change the look of the flooring, such as loop, pile, cut, and more. The important thing is that you come in and have a look for yourself at all your available options.

Specialty Flooring has a showroom located in Ridgeland, SC and from there; we offer flooring that can transform your home. We are a trusted source in flooring for both homeowners and builders alike, offering experienced associates and excellent affordability. If you're looking for a brand new floor covering, we encourage you to stop in for a visit to see the extensive selections we have available. You'll be glad you did.

The most important decision you can make regarding your carpet is the fiber it's made of. For instance, nylon is an excellent fiber for busy households where stain resistance, crush resistance, and a decent lifespan are expected. Polyester comes in at a close second behind nylon. Wool, on the other hand, is to be reserved for lightly-traveled spaces that will be free from exposure to dampness, humidity, or spills.

Carpet makes an excellent choice in homes that are concerned with the rising price of heating and cooling a home. It acts as an extra layer of insulation, retaining much of the heat your home makes during the winter months. You'll notice the difference on your bill, but you'll feel it long before that, in the plush luxury underfoot. That same insulating factor also works to create a more peaceful space, offering noise reduction that completely does away with echo. This is a great feature to utilize between floors as well.

We strongly recommend that you seek out the services of a professional installation team as opposed to installing this flooring for yourself.