To look at beautiful area rugs is to enjoy the color, texture, fiber, and construction of a piece that can do so much for a single room. But how are they made?

If you’ve ever wondered about how these rugs are made, you’re not alone. Find out more about their composition as you read along here.

The making of your area rugs

In many ways, an area rug is made in much the same way as carpeting, with looms computerized to use various techniques. For fine, high-quality rugs, the process is carried out by hand, with hand-knotting and extensive time put in by weavers.

On the other hand, a quick and easy way to create the perfect rug is to select a piece of carpet, choose the size and shape you want it to be, and choose a binding that matches your preferences and requirements. Easily the most cost-efficient method, these rugs have a superior lifespan when properly maintained.

Be sure to choose a carpet fiber that offers the specifics you require for your area rugs, including durability, ease of maintenance, and lifespan. Consider your options for binding as well since these are both visually appealing and required for your rug's continued functionality.

Let us answer all your questions about area rugs

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