Area rugs are outstanding pieces to add to any room, as they offer both protection and a gorgeous visual element that complements any décor style. But we are often asked about the rug's size and what's best for specific areas, so we'd like to discuss that further today.

The perfect size area rugs can be yours

Besides custom rugs, most area rugs come in specific sizes, and each size has a purpose for most homes. There should be about eighteen inches of flooring exposed on all the rug's edges as a general rule of thumb once they are in place.

A standard 5 X 8 is generally placed in living rooms, under a coffee table, or in front of a sitting area, with the couch, chair, or loveseat sitting just off the edges. If your living room is bigger than most, an 8 X 10 rug can do the same thing, or you can allow a couch to sit partially on the rug and smaller pieces off.

For a rug that all your furniture can sit on, a 9 X 12 works well and can even make the room look larger, especially when the right colors and patterns are used. If you'd like to discuss sizes and shapes for each room further, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

Be sure to visit our showroom for your area rugs

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