One of the most-asked questions in this carpet flooring line is, How often should I clean my carpet? To answer this question, we have to have a bit more information. Under normal circumstances, the ideal time frame is once every twelve to eighteen months, but many factors can necessitate adjustments.

Of course, everyday maintenance such as vacuuming should be carried out every day, and spot cleaning, as necessary. This helps keep your carpets looking like new and fresh for years to come. But we’re going to give you a bit more in-depth information so you can have the best-looking floors.

Facts that affect your carpet care routine

As previously mentioned, under normal circumstances, a professional cleaning once every twelve to eighteen months is enough to keep your floors looking great. But a range of other facts can mean you should clean more often. At the same time, you might also be able to clean less often, as your situation dictates.

For instance, if you have children, pets, or frequent guests, chances are you’re going to need carpet care more often. You might find your floors looking dingy after only six months, which means you should at least call for a professional assessment. The path forward might be clearer than you think but knowing for sure always brings the best peace of mind.

If your home is on the opposite end of the scale, and your floors see very little traffic, you may find your floors still look great, even after eighteen months. A professional assessment is still a good idea, even if your floors don’t look dirty, because they could be harboring allergens or bacteria that could set up foul odors.

Let us help you with your carpet care

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