Luxury vinyl plank, (LVP) and also luxury vinyl tile, (LVT) is designed to resist stains, scuffs, spills, and scratches. Therefore, it’s easy to keep it clean with commercial or homemade cleaners and a sponge or mop. Locally owned Specialty Flooring SC is an LVP retailer in Ridgeland who has been providing quality flooring and service to South Carolina Lowcountry residents for many years. We have vinyl floor cleaning products in our showroom, and we can recommend the best one for your floor.

Commercial cleaners

Loose dirt can scratch the protective coating on vinyl tile and plank flooring. Therefore, it is best to do a quick sweep every day with a dry microfiber mop or a vacuum cleaner that is designed for hard floor use. Doormats inside and outside exterior doors keep cleaning to a minimum. Routine cleaning can be supplemented with periodic deep cleaning with a damp mop and a floor cleaner from companies like OdoBan, Better Life, and Babyganics. The manufacturer may recommend the use of an acrylic finish for scuff or scratch-prone areas. Do not use cleaners that contain ammonia or clean-and-wax combo products.

Homemade cleaners

Distilled white vinegar cleans and disinfects vinyl floors. To make the cleaning solution, mix one cup of vinegar and one gallon of warm water. Add several drops of dishwashing detergent to the solution to remove heavy dirt and grime. If desired, also add a few drops of essentials oil to mask the temporary vinegar odor. Remember that it is easy to apply the solution to a sponge or mop with a spray bottle. Do not use a steam mop, which may cause damage to vinyl flooring.  Stubborn kitchen stains can be cleaned with a paste made of baking soda and water.

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