Matching area rugs in your living room don't necessarily mean having an exact match, although that can be used effectively to highlight floor finishes and upholstery.  As long as they coordinate with the rest of the room decor, you can also use them to highlight and accent.

can be used to define and separate spaces, especially in today’s open layouts where one big room can house both the living and dining areas.  Even when it’s not an open layout, you may still want to mark space for a place to write bills or read, etc.

Stylish area rugs bring out colors and undertones of furnishings, especially when layered over soft or hard surfaces.  They also serve a functional purpose by absorbing sound and providing cushioning and comfort.

A different kind of matching

Use the same rug, but in two different solid colors that are at opposite ends of the color wheel.  For example, one could be blue, while the other is orange.  They’re distinctive and, as long as they work together well, they will create a clear delineation of areas.

Think about mixing patterns.  As long as they aren't wild and compete, they will work well together.

How to measure

The most important thing is to make sure the rug is large enough.  Ideally, it should fit under major pieces of furniture, such as the sofa or dining room table and chairs with about 12 to 18 inches sticking out.  If that isn’t possible, anchor it under the two front legs of each piece.

Measure with a tape; don’t eyeball it and guess. Furniture should be in the room when calculating and consider baseboards or other protrusions.  Count both length and width and then subtract 24-inches from each.

If your dining table has an extension, include it when measuring.  Then add about four inches to accommodate the chairs. Beds are tricky, but you can always put matching scatter rugs on each side.

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