For some homeowners, choosing carpet is as easy as going to a local showroom, picking the nicest looking or most affordable option, and scheduling an installation. However, other homeowners look a bit further past their use of the materials.

Carpet flooring
truly serves its purpose while in place, but eco-friendly homeowners prefer a material that offers a recyclable process after their use of the product is finished. Is carpet recyclable? Let’s find out!

Recycling carpet: is it possible?

When it’s time to install new flooring, every homeowner is faced with the task of getting rid of their old carpeting. Even when the flooring company you choose handles the removal, you might still be concerned about where it will end up.

The good news is that almost every carpet type is recyclable. Of course, the fiber and content are to be considered, but these pieces are often turned into plastic pellets, which can later be used to construct other carpeting or a wealth of other products.

Other ways you might recycle your old flooring, especially if it’s still in good shape, is to sell or donate it. If it’s not severely damaged or excessively worn, you might be surprised to find that there are many other uses for it.

Shaw, Mohawk, and Flor are flooring manufacturers that utilize recycled carpet to create other materials and even have specific facilities where that work is accomplished. It’s all a part of the great effort to care for the earth and leave a smaller footprint as we move forward into future generations.

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