Refinishing your wood flooring is one of the best ways to maintain the integrity of the products. But can you refinish engineered wood flooring the same way you refinish solid wood?

The answer is a resounding yes, and it's a great way to reach the material's expected lifespan. But there are some things you should know as you move forward with this vital service.

The construction of the flooring plays a role

Solid wood flooring can go through refinishing several times. But only because it's solid wood, through and through.

Engineered hardwood flooring features a layered construction, with natural wood attached to the plywood. And you can only refinish authentic wood.

Important facts to remember about refinishing wood floors

Thicker natural wood veneers can go through the refinishing process several times. But thin veneers can only handle the process once or twice. 

Choose the thickest veneer options if you plan to get the most from your floors. Having a solid veneer increases the lifespan and the durability of your floors.

What is the process?

The refinishing starts with sanding floors and removing all the damage and wear. From there, we can add a new stain color and texture.

Many homeowners opt to change the color and texture. We want you to know that's an available option.

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