Yes, and that is white oak hardwood. Light floors, in general, are trending right now. They include white-washed floors, which are natural wood with white-wash, light blond, yellow birch, honey, light hickory, and gray as well as high variation. 

Light wood flooring makes the room look bright and airy and they're all in line with the California beach style that's so in vogue right now. They can make a modern room look chic, and a traditional one a little more relaxed. It'd a good choice for townhouses, condos, or cooperative apartments where the spaces tend to be smaller. It is always best to have a detailed conversation with your hardwood flooring retailer.

Natural white oak is ideal for distressed appearances

The wood, with its raised grains and light tones, is said to change interior design in 2020. It is particularly ideal for textures. all of which can make the floor look distressed, giving it character and a sense of heritage. 

Some examples are Footworn, which is done by hand and creates soft rolling waves, giving the floor a slightly worn look.  Timeworn is similar but more subtle than Footworn. Hand-scraped is best for wider planks (which are also currently trending). Hand scraping will make your floors look like the pine ones of 200 years ago.

Advantages of light floors

Light floors don't have the kind of drama that dark ones do, but they are easier to work with. They coordinate well with most wall colors, furnishings, and accessories. If you are unsure of your design ability, stick with a light floor, because it's almost impossible to get it wrong.

When it comes to ease of maintenance, light floors have a bit of an advantage.  Since they are so light, they tend to hide dust and pet light-colored pet hair.  That means you can go a little easier on the vacuuming, which is a real advantage for busy families.

If you are considering a light-colored floor, bring samples to your home and look at them in a different light.  Examine them at different times of the day. The reason you want to do this is that lighting can change color perception.

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