You may have heard that luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, and we can tell you that the rumors are true! These floors offer the option of complete imperviousness to water, thanks to unique core materials that withstand spills, dampness, moisture, humidity, and more.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers excellent waterproof options

Vinyl plank flooring, also known as LVP floors, is constructed in layers, featuring a backing, core, design, and wear layer at the primary level. These layers each have essential functions, but the core layer is responsible for complete waterproof protection.

This core component can be made of 100% vinyl, wood plastic composite (WPC), or stone plastic composite (SPC) and works to resist all liquid situations. You’ll see no buckling, warping, peeling, cracking, or any other signs of water damage.

The protection is so trustworthy that it makes a great flooring option for the basement, laundry area, bathrooms, and kitchens. Still, it offers visuals that work perfectly in any room, matching extensive décor options. Since you can get the appearance of solid wood and all-natural stone in this product line, along with the wide variety of colors each visual offers, it’s easy to implement into your interior design scheme in any space.

Don't forget these floors are perfect for protection from daily wear as well. The top wear layer protects against scratches, scuffs, and stains, making it the ideal flooring for homes with pets and children.

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