One of the biggest benefits of vinyl is the comfort characteristic, and we can thank a lot of that to the floating installation technique. Rather than the glue method which was the only one when vinyl was introduced decades ago, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) has individual pieces that click together, forming a kind of mat that then "floats" over the subfloor, on top of the cushion.

When it’s directly glued to the subfloor you might as well be walking on concrete or plywood; you also need to be sure the subfloor is very level and free from debris or those imperfections will eventually show up in the vinyl.

A floating floor is easy to stand on for long periods, such as if you’re in the kitchen preparing a big holiday meal.  A good foam underlayment makes all the difference and minimizes that sometimes hollow-sound that can come from this type of installation.  Talk to your LVP retailer about the best one.

Floating floors are popular for luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl has many design options. The floating floor installation provides a little more flexibility because the pieces just click together like a puzzle. That means you get to create the design and that’s a big advantage especially when the product is LVT. Then, if a plank or tile is damaged, you just need to remove the one-piece, not the entire floor.

It’s important to remember that floating floors don’t describe a type of flooring but, rather the installation technique. The quality of this type of floor depends highly upon the quality of the material and remember this is a premium flooring.

Other benefits

It's DIY-friendly, which not only adds to the cost savings but makes it uncomplicated to install.  Please be mindful, however, to read the manufacturer instructions carefully before proceeding; otherwise, if something isn't followed according to guidelines, the warranty might be voided. If done professionally, it just saves a lot of time and effort. It also increases reuse possibilities.  Since it’s not attached to anything, you can just peel it off the cushion and move it to another room.

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