Finding the perfect luxury vinyl flooring for your remodel is exciting, especially with all the benefits you want and need from your surfaces. However, you should know that cleaning is an integral part of the upkeep process for LVP flooring, and here are four tips to ensure results.

Why is cleaning necessary?

Keeping your floors clean and debris-free means there will be fewer scratches and less wear, even in the busiest areas of your home. A few essential tips can keep your floors clean and protected for years.

  1. Sweep as often as necessary. High-traffic areas provide LVP flooring with a lot of debris while sweeping removes it before it can cause problems. The number of times you'll need to clean depends on how much traffic comes through, so adjust accordingly. 
  2. Use area rugs and runners. These pieces can catch and trap debris and dampness before they make their way onto your new floors' surface. Then, when it's time to clean, the process is often more straightforward. 
  3. Choose the right solution for mopping. Avoid any solution that is abrasive or overly harsh. These cleaners do more damage than good. 
  4. Avoid vinyl plank flooring steam cleaners. Avoid using them even if they are advertised as safe for these floors. Luxury vinyl flooring is not rated for this level of heat or intense pressure.

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