There are several ways to get the wood-look flooring you want and need, including solid hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring. But which is better for your specific requirements?

Each flooring product has a wealth of benefits, which can help you determine which will serve your household better. Here are some things you should know about each as you plan your shopping experience.

Looks matter in flooring

Solid wood and luxury vinyl flooring offer the visual appeal that helps create the classic, timeless visual you expect. Extensive species types, colors, formats, and layouts help achieve customized visuals that can change your home's appearance.

If you need a quick flooring experience, vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring is the better choice. However, achieving these visuals with natural wood takes longer because the installation, staining, and finishing processes take much longer.

What about lifespan?

While luxury vinyl flooring offers a lifespan filled with beauty, durability, easy installation, and easy maintenance, solid wood can last more than 100 years. The installation process can take days to weeks, depending on your requirements and home structure, but it may be worth it for the longevity.

What about durability?

Both floors offer exceptional durability, especially when properly installed and finished. However, LVP flooring is the only one that offers complete waterproof protection, even in flood conditions.

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