As one of the most popular flooring types around, our on-site professionals get a lot of questions regarding luxury vinyl plank (LVP). As such, we’d like to address some of the most common questions about LVP to help clarify how easy it is to maintain this excellent flooring option. If you have any other questions we may not have addressed, then drop by our Speciality Flooring showroom in Ridgeland, SC to speak to our flooring professionals, or give us a call today!

Does LVP get scratched easily?

While it is certainly a durable material, LVP can indeed become scratched. To prevent damage to the surfacing, it’s important to maintain a regular upkeep schedule that includes daily sweeping or dry mopping. Proper care for your floors does a lot to prevent scratches from happening.

Can luxury vinyl get sun bleached?

As with most other kinds of flooring options, luxury vinyl can indeed become sun-bleached from direct sunlight. To prevent this from happening, purchase protective curtains and draw them closed when the sunlight is strongest.

Is it okay to use mats or rugs on my floors?

Actually, not only is it okay to use mats or rugs on LVP, we highly recommend it to prevent scratches or other damage. We suggest the use of woven rugs or vinyl-backed mats as they will not scratch the surface. Adding several of these flooring protectors at entrance points can also ensure dirt, dust, pebbles, and other substances do not make their way into the home – and onto your lovely surfacing!

Can I use latex or rubber-backed mats?

No, these two particular substances can cause many problems for LVP, so we recommend against using them on the surfacing. Both materials can cause a negative chemical interaction with the floor, resulting in discoloration and irreparable damage.

Can I walk around my home in regular shoes?

Ideally, no one should be walking on your flooring in shoes, even if they’re designated indoor shoes. The heels can cause dents and scratches in the LVP, whereas outdoor shoes can bring in chemicals, grime, and small items that can create just as much – if not more – damage to the floors. Use slippers inside the house to prevent damage from occurring and don’t be shy to offer them to your guests too!