When you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing, durable, cost-effective flooring, you may want to consider LVP floors for your upcoming project. Offering a wide range of lookalike options, from hardwood to ceramic to reclaimed wood, highly beneficial luxury vinyl allows for true flexibility and versatility of style. Of course, with all these features in mind, it's no wonder why it's such a popular choice among homeowners. If you're not sure about LVP flooring, here are the main advantages of choosing this installation for your home.

The advantages of luxury vinyl planks

Soft backing for cushioned impact: If you were to look at the underside of these planks, then you’d see a soft backing material. Adding this material allows for a more padded installation that offers a cushion to lessen impact and strain when standing or walking.

Water-resistant/waterproof installation: Depending on the type of installation, you've assured a water-resistant or waterproof surfacing. As such, it makes for an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms especially.  

Install directly to subfloor: Get the fastest installation you’ve ever seen with LVP, as it can be added directly to your subfloor. Of course, this is only possible if your subfloor is in good shape and uniform.

Simple maintenance and cleaning: If a simple cleaning and maintenance regimen is exactly what you’re looking for, then vinyl planks won’t disappoint. With a quick sweep and occasional damp mopping, your cleaning routine won’t exhaust you or take up too much of your time.

Enjoy many years of lovely floors: As one of the most long-lasting materials on the market now, you’ll be enjoying your vinyl floors for about 20 years – maybe more!

Increase luxury with in-floor heating: Add a heavy dose of luxury by installing in-floor heating to your home. There are several durable vinyl styles that you can easily place above this addition.

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