As you have searched for your perfect carpet flooring, you probably heard a lot about nylon and polyester, probably in the same setting. Today, we will tell you about the distinctions between the two, so you can easily choose the one that best suits your requirements and preferences, so read along with us here.

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Nylon is easily the most popular fiber for those seeking outstanding durability, with spectacular abrasion and wear resistance. It also features resilience and a long lifespan, thanks to the many benefits of this niche.

Polyester does not quite match the durability standards of nylon, but it is extremely stain resistant, with some brands offering eco-friendly benefits for a healthier atmosphere. In addition, you will find it both comfortable and affordable, for an excellent choice for many of your rooms.

Both fibers would be an excellent choice for rooms with light to medium traffic and activity levels, but nylon is best rated for more heavily traveled spaces. You can even ask about products with built-in stain protection for added peace of mind, no matter where the flooring is installed.

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