Hardwood and luxury vinyl are both high-quality flooring materials. In general, luxury vinyl is the better floor covering for pet owners. It's also a wise choice for those who value practicality over appearance. While luxury vinyl flooring can be backed by a long warranty, hardwood flooring is the more durable material. Specialty Flooring SC is a hardwood flooring retailer in Ridgeland, South Carolina, that also offers a wide selection of luxury vinyl flooring. Consider a few specifics before making a final flooring choice.

Moving day

If you anticipate a move to a new home in the future, it would be best to choose the more expensive floor covering. Homebuyers value wood flooring. Studies have shown that they are willing to pay a premium price to get it. Not only does it give a space a sophisticated look, but it also adds to structural stability. Also, it should last the life of the home. Consider traditional wood flooring that is finished on-site, especially if undertaking a major renovation.


Evaluate your lifestyle and budget when choosing the right flooring for the kitchen. A traditional hardwood floor is nailed to the subfloor and then sanded, stained, and finished in the home. The floor has a flush look. More importantly, the floor is well sealed, and therefore, ideal for the kitchen. However, a waterproof luxury vinyl floor may be the better choice for very active households or anyone who cooks or entertains regularly.

Moisture prone spaces

If you favor a wood look in the bathroom or basement, choose luxury vinyl. Hardwood flooring may swell if exposed to water. Luxury vinyl is composed of a backing layer, waterproof core, design layer, and wear layer that keeps the design layer from looking worn. It’s easier to install vinyl than hardwood. Most planks and tiles click and lock together so that the floor floats above the subfloor rather than being attached to it.

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