Area rugs
are a superb addition to many rooms for various reasons. First, they offer visual appeal and protection, making them well worth your time.

But should you consider the fibers before buying your favorite? Chances are, you'll be better served if you do.

Here's why fibers matter

Each fiber offers a different set of essential benefits for serving other rooms. For instance, nylon resists wear and crushing well for heavily traveled rooms.

Polyester is an excellent choice in spaces where spills and messes happen often. In addition, it offers superior stain resistance for many area rugs.

Added protection for unique spaces

If you have pets or children, you might need fibers that have a little something extra. For example, some fibers have stain and odor protection built into the fibers of the rugs.

This option gives you protection in your busiest areas without sacrificing your time. Instead of spending hours cleaning, the area rugs repel problems before they start.

Choose your benefits carefully

As you consider all your choices, look for options that match your needs. Many area rugs are for sale, and not all will suit your home.

With the proper consideration, you'll be sure to find a rug that will fit into the space with ease because there are products created for every possible role.

Let us help match you with the rugs you need

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