New area rugs can mean many things for your home and decor-matching needs. They're perfect in every room, with outstanding results lasting for years.

But you'll want to know more about how to keep them clean and well maintained. Here are some facts that can help you clean your rugs well.

Be sure to clean as needed

You'll undoubtedly hear the term "as needed" while learning about your rug care. But what does it mean, exactly?

It means ensuring that dirt, debris, spills, and footprints are not left to sit on the surface of your area rugs. If you have a busy household, "as needed" can mean once a day or even more.

It is essential to stay on top of cleaning dirty rugs as they happen. If you do, you'll find a longer lifespan and better-looking rug.

Cleaning solutions can be tricky

It's always best to use only cleaners that your manufacturer recommends. Or contact us for advice that works for your specific materials.

Sometimes water-diluted dish soap makes a great cleaner. But avoid excessive soap use if your rugs are wool.

We have rugs for sale that work well with stain cleaners, which can help with stains. If you still have questions about cleaning your area rugs, contact us for more details.

We have the area rugs and care solutions you need

Specialty Flooring is proud to offer extensive materials and services for all your needs. But we also provide advice and answers to essential questions.

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