If there’s one thing you’ll love about engineered hardwood flooring, the extensive versatility makes it an excellent choice for so many rooms. It's beautiful, long-lasting, and offers exceptional performance in any room.

Once in place, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some tips showing how to clean these floors for the best results.

Know the basics

No matter your floor type, all materials must be swept clear of debris regularly to ensure the surfaces don't become scratched. In some spaces, a few well-placed area rugs can help, but a microfiber cloth or mop works wonders for engineered wood flooring.

This product will collect dust and dirt without damage and doesn't add excess moisture to the wood. While these floors can handle more humidity and dampness than solid wood, it's essential to know the limits of this.

Things to avoid

It's as essential to know what to avoid as it is to know what to use for the best cleaning results. For engineered hardwood flooring, you'll want to avoid wet mops, steam cleaners, or any tool that excessively uses water.

While some steam cleaners claim they work well with engineered wood floors, it’s always better to take the safest option. Steam and pressure can combine to cause warping and other damage you don’t want for your wood floors.

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