Amongst our great natural resources, here in South Carolina, our forests rank prominent. While those forests contain many different species of trees, not all of those species are suitable for or are actively milled for hardwood flooring. So, if someone wanted a floor made from wood native to this area, what options would one have?

Seeing the trees through the forest

The most common tree used in flooring that is also found locally is oak. Here in South Carolina, oak still forms a broad category. We have species of red oak, white oak, and live oak that all are made into beautiful wood floors. We also have species of turkey oak (a white oak) and swamp oak (a red oak) that is likewise, well suited to the flooring as well as furniture.

Also, there is maple, hickory, pine, and cherry that grow locally. Pecan grows locally and makes for a beautiful, light hardwood flooring. River birch is also found in South Carolina. And while bamboo is not native to our soil, it does grow quite prolifically here when planted.

Another option to consider

We, at Specialty Flooring, are also quite proud of the work we do with reclaimed building materials. When antique buildings and barns are torn down, we are amongst the first to acquire the wood floors from those buildings for our customers. Then we refinish them and can install them in your home. While this is not technically a wood from a “local species” of a tree, if a piece of wood has been in our area for a hundred years or more, we will give it an honorable mention and adopt it as our own, no matter what tree it came from.

Specialty Flooring is your hardwood retailer in Ridgeland, SC. We also serve the areas of Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head, SC as well as Savannah, GA. If you are curious about what kinds of wood flooring are available, whether the trees are local or exotic, give us a call or stop by our showroom; one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will be happy to show you the many wood floors we carry.