When it comes down to it, engineered hardwood has a whole lot of excellent features. And, when you select quality planks, you’re promised even better attributes. But, with so many options on the market nowadays, how do you choose which slats are ideal for your home reno? Or, equality essential, how can you distinguish quality materials?
Luckily, our Speciality Flooring professionals, on-site in our Ridgeland, SC showroom, would like to explain the following 3 key features of quality engineered hardwood flooring to point you in the right direction for your upcoming redesign.
1 – The wear layer
What gives engineered hardwood its durability and strength? The answer is one very important thing: its multiple layer construction. Because of the criss-crossed stacking of these layers, these planks have true solidity and resilience. And, in terms of wear layer, the thicker it is, the more times the slats can be sanded, thus extending their life expectancy.
2 – The under-core materials
Although you’ll never see it, the core of the engineered hardwood slats is a key factor in quality. In fact, you’ll be able to distinguish high-quality and low-quality planks once you know the material of the under-core – which is the part of the board that establishes the steadiness of the slat. Opt for plywood core planks as their cross-layered structure provides not only excellent stability, but also ensures less shrinking or swelling. This is particularly key in renovations that will be installing the engineered hardwood boards in an area that experiences humidity or temperatures changes, or above an underfloor heating system.
3 – Plank dimensions
Another consideration when selecting slats is the dimensions of the boards. Manufactured in a wide array of lengths and widths, different sizes give different visual and spatial effects. In general, however, shorter planks are less expensive, though they provide a perfectly sound option. If you’re looking to save a bit on your makeover, choosing short slats would be a great idea. Longer, wider slats, on the other hand, are normally easier to install in rooms, though because of the extra material is usually more expensive. Regardless of these factors, make sure to select planks that are ideally suited to your renovation project.
Not sure which planks would best fit your upcoming makeover? Then come on by our Specialty Flooring showroom in Ridgeland, SC and speak to our on-site experts for more helpful advice.