There are a lot of flooring materials out there to choose from, but none can quite measure up to the sheer elegance and plush comfort of well-made, properly installed carpeting. While we all know that carpeting is comfortable and decoratively versatile, there are some lesser-known features of carpeting that may surprise you!
Here are three reasons to consider a new carpeting installation for your home that have nothing to do with how comfortable or beautiful it is.
It's safer than hard-surface flooring
Sure, soft carpet is comfortable, but that softness also adds up to increased safety. Dropped objects are less likely to break on impact, and people who are in danger of slip and fall accidents, will be less likely to be injured in the event that one occurs.
This makes carpeting a great choice for homes with seniors and children who face serious injury risks from falling.
It's better for your respiratory health
Carpet fibers act as a trap for airborne pollutants such as dust particles and dander. The pollutants are safely trapped in the fiber of the rug until they can be removed by vacuuming or professional cleaning. The pollutants trapped in your carpet are pollutants that won't end up in the air, where they can irritate people with respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma.
Silence is golden
One of the most unexpected benefits of carpet is its ability to insulate against sound. This ability is heightened by the addition of thicker padding. Heavy footsteps, tap-dancing pets, and loud conversations, can all be muffled by carpet to promote a quieter, tranquil atmosphere in your home.
As a bonus, the insulating properties of carpet also apply to temperature. This means your carpets can even help you save on heating and cooling bills by increasing the level of thermal insulation in your home. Not bad!
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