They can dress up any area. Just go into any store and see the wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs that are available with a rug.

Use them in any of the three ways as a stylish way to alter your room. They’re like artwork and can make the room a little brighter and more playful, so have some fun!

Highlight & accent

Right now, the layered look is popular and so are neutrals, such as brown, beige, off-white, etc.

Sometimes, though, you’ll want a pop of color or a bold design. Position a couple of area rugs over the carpet, then when you want a change, simply remove or replace the rug. Talk about stylish!

These rugs also bring out those gorgeous undertones of any area with a hardwood floor. For instance, a mahogany floor can have a red or orange tone or gray wood can even look slate blue at times.

Talk to your retailer for more ideas.

Divide & conquer (in a good way, of course!)

With today’s open layouts, it’s not unusual to see the living and dining room together in one big space, or maybe you want to create another small space.

The surfaces don’t have to match perfectly; just be sure they’re coordinated.


It’s not just about protecting against water, scratches or soil, although they will do that.

They provide the texture needed to reduce noise. Sometimes a hard surface floor can sound squeaky or hollow; if there are no fabrics to catch the noise, the vibrations bounce off the walls and it comes to an echo.

How to buy them

The biggest mistake people make when selecting one is selecting one too small. A rug should fit under all major furniture pieces, but if that isn’t possible, at least anchor it under the front legs of the sofa and be sure it’s centered.

If it’s in a bedroom, just be sure they’re symmetrical, such as placing a runner on each side of the bed.

Local stores have better expertise and customer service. Because they’re not constrained by corporate policies regarding inventory and discounts, there can be more variety in that area as well.

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