When you’re looking for a truly unique redesign for your home, there’s no better place to start then your floors. Whether you live in a cozy condo, large cottage, or penthouse, you can completely refresh and liven up your space with various styles of rugs. Let’s go over a few of the trendiest designs for area rugs for 2020 to give you some ideas for your upcoming makeover.  

Natural fibers

There are various natural fiber carpets like wool, jute, or sisal that continue to trend throughout 2020. As of late, there has been a drastic improvement in eye-catching styles for both indoor and outdoor creations. Now, regardless of where you’re meant to place them, these designs are truly versatile and impressively soft to the touch.

Tonal Layering

What’s interesting about 2020 looks is how there are greater layering tendencies, and we're talking about rugs on top of carpets. This combination instantly generates warmth. No matter what room in the house. Make this work by sticking to a tone-on-tone color palette, since this will help spaces keep from looking way too overwhelming, but also allow furnishings to shine through.  

Neutral Hues

Say goodbye to bold-colored patterns and hello to monochromatic, neutral-toned, and earth-tones styles and textures. For instance, various Asian and Moroccan-inspired fusions are truly meticulously crafter and unique like no other.

Patterned designs

Bold patterns don’t need subdued furniture to shine through in 2020. But rather, it’s all about layered colors and patterns that create a noticeable statement. A lot of homeowners seem to shy away from really noticeable designs, but this year, the styles aren’t as overwhelming as in past years.

Hand-crafted designs

Longevity is what’s truly on people’s minds now, and homeowners have been demanding better quality materials. People don’t just want to redo their homes, for the time being, they want it to last for generations. As such, hand-crafted designs have been very up and coming, supplied by skilled crafters in the niche, and it’s often those who learn from teachers who have been doing this for decades.

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