Yes, it's possible to use radiant heating with carpet flooring, but there are some stipulations to the setup. Understanding those are integral to choosing the right carpeting for your home.

If you've never combined these two products, you should speak with an associate who can share all the details. Here are a few of the most important ones as you start to shop.

Important considerations to start with

One of the essential facts to keep in mind is that there are manufacturer limits to the heat setting you can use in this situation. Of course, each product is different, but most carpet manufacturers recommend not setting the heat at more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s also recommended that the carpeting be thin enough so that the heat can flow freely through and into the room. Thick, plush carpets often insulate against the warmth, with less-than-perfect results.

Good padding is another crucial decision when pairing these floors with radiant heating for the best results. Choose a dense product that is no thicker than 3/8 inches.

Once you pick options that help your carpeting to work best, you can enjoy the many benefits of this carpet flooring and heat combination. Thanks to the nature of this heating option, you'll enjoy the heat from wall to wall and corner to corner.

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